Before Jesus Died He Suffered

They offered Him sour drink to drink but He would not drink it - Mat 27:34

Before Jesus Died He Suffered

Before Jesus Died He Suffered

Today we remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ made over 2,000 years ago. He suffered tremendously before being nailed to a cross and dying a horrible death so that you and I can have the opportunity to live forever in eternity with Him.

Before He died He was betrayed. Tried by the Jewish court system called the Sanhedrin, humiliated, mocked, beaten, condemned to death, then crucified on Calvary. But that was to fulfill scriptures, and the only way to redeem the people of the world. By giving Himself as a ransom He freed us from sin, death, and eternal suffering in hell; that is those who believe that He is the promised, Savior.

Even though Jesus died for the world not everyone believes that He is the promised Savior. Many still reject Him.
For those who believe the bible gives assurance that a time is coming when they will spend eternity in Paradise with Jesus. For those who do not believe, Jesus died for you too. Take that step now. God’s gift is still free. All it takes is a surrendered heart and a willingness to confess that Jesus is Lord. 2 Peter 3:9.

In those days death on the cross was the lowest and most humiliating way of dying. And was reserved for criminals. But Jesus was no criminal. In fact, they could find no fault with Him but crucified Him anyway because the people, many of who followed Him wanted Him dead.

Even after he was rejected by them, Jesus asked God the Father to forgive those that crucified Him as He hanged on the cross dying.
It is vital to know about the suffering He endured, from the moment He was arrested, until His death on the cross. Below is a list of some of the humiliation and pain He suffered after He was arrested.

A List of Christ Humiliation and suffering is found in Matthew 27:28-31 & John 19:1-3,5,1

  • Betrayed: He was betrayed by Judas, one of His Disciples. Matthew 26:14-16, 49
  • Deserted: All the Disciples and those that followed Him fled when Jesus was arrested. He was left alone. Mark 14:50.
  • Denied: His Disciple Peter, denied that He knew Jesus 3 times. Matthew 26:6975
  • Falsely accused: Those that testified against Jesus lied. Mark 14:57-58
  • Rejected: Some of the accusers were those that followed Him as He preached teach, worked miracles, delivered, and healed many. John 18:29-30
  • Crown of thorn: The soldiers twisted a crown of thorn and placed it on His head. Matthew 27:29
  • Mocked: They stripped Him of His clothes and place a purple robe on Him. They bowed and kneel before Him mocking Him saying King of the Jews. Mark 15:17-19
  • Beaten: Soldiers whipped Him and struck Him on His head with the read. Matthew 27:26, 30
  • Spat on: Soldiers spit in His face and struck Him with their fists and slapped Him. Matthew 26:67
  • Carried His Cross: He carried His own cross until they ordered Simon who was passing by to carry it for Him. John 19:17, Matthew 27:32
  • Bitter drink: They offered Him sour drink when He said “I thirst” but Jesus refused it. Matthew 27:34
  • Sold His clothes: After they crucified Him they divided His garment and cast lot amongst themselves. Luke 23:34.
  • Mocked and ridiculed: The chief priest, the scribes and robbers mocked him as He hanged on the cross. Matthew 27:41-44

Jesus could have chosen not to go through with His assignment. He could have fought the soldiers, after all when Peter cut off the ear of the soldier Jesus healed the man’s ear immediately. He could have spoken up and defended Himself. But He didn’t. You see, the cross was important for the everlasting salvation of the world. It was for that reason that He came. God’s will was Jesus’ sole desire. His number one priority was and still is the will of the Father in heaven.