Moses Rejected By God as Leader of Israel

As I read Numbers 20, I went from confusion, to fear, to frustration, to needing answers. Moses had a, one of a kind relationship with God. He was very humble; not a man of pride. A Great leader; falling to his face for the children of Israel. pleading for their cause and God would relent when he did. God worked through Moses in ways He will never do in a man ever again. Performing miracles and parting the Red Sea were just a few of the work done through this great man of God. Moses had favor with the Lord.

But there was a turnaround in verse 7 where God instructed Moses and Aaron to provide water for the children of Israel by speaking to the rock, and the outcome would be a miracle; the rock shall yield its water for the Israelites and their animals so that they can drink. But instead of speaking to the rock Moses blasted the Israelites for their rebellious behavior, then in anger, he struck the rock twice with his rod, and water was provided, so the Israelites and their animal did drink.

But what Moses and Aaron did displease God. Still, He waited for the Israelites and their animals to drink before rendering judgment. Moses and Aaron were judged for not believing God, nor hallowing Him in the eyes of the children of Israel. Their punishment severe; they would not enter into the Promise Land they had looked forward to, but die in the journey before the cross over took place. God removed them as the leaders of Israelites, and give the assignment to Joshua; the task of leading the Israelite into the land He promised to their forefathers. Numbers 20: says “therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which i have given them.

Moses did a lot, was used a lot, and went through a lot, and that really bothered me. I felt fear and wondered what God meant by

  • I remembered Adam whose purpose was to tend the Garden of Eden. He was banished from the Garden because of disobedience. Genesis 3:23.He was not allowed to complete His assignment.
  • King Saul who lost his place as king because of disobedience; he did not keep the commandment of the Lord. The Lord would have established Saul’s kingdom over Israel forever, but now Saul’s kingdom shall not continue. 1 Sam15:28. He was not allowed to complete his assignment.
  • Eli the priest and his sons whose entire family line lost their position as priests because of disobedience. 1 Samuel 2:27-36. They lost their place assigned.