God Desires Reverence

Aren’t you glad you don’t know God’s every move? Well, I am.

His ways and thoughts are way above men. And so The Sovereign God continues to mystify me. In His mercy. In His ability to be long-suffering. In His judgment, and also in His times of mercy. But there comes a time when we could go too far, and the consequences of our lack of discipline could get us into trouble with God.

No one knows for sure when that appointed time would come for them, where they would cross the line and trespass against God, and He would render them no longer needed.

Remember Moses? He had a one of a kind relationship with the Sovereign God. Face to face visits that one else has had since. leading God’s people from bondage in Egypt, to the promised land God vowed to Abraham: a land flowing with milk and honey over the Jordan in Exodus 33:1. Moses never got to experience life in the land promised; he never walked into that promise, but God did allow him to get a good view of the land before he died, Numbers 27:12

Some say Moses had an anger problem. There are recorded accounts of Moses’ anger as far back as when he was a citizen of Egypt, and also during the wilderness journey. If Moses had a few episodes of outbursts in almost 40 years should we judge him? after all, If we are being honest with ourselves we would admit that we have been angry a great deal more than we really want to admit. And anger could lead to sin if we allow it to control us Ephesians 4:26

When Moses broke the tablets that God Himself wrote the 10 commandments on I thought surely, surely that would be a huge violation. But God just instructed Moses to bring another tablet and the process began again. Moses continued to lead Israel, and get this….have face to face conversation with God. But like most who cross the line Moses committed the unthinkable, and God had to remove him.
In Deuteronomy 32:51 God dealt seriously with Moses for not hallowing Him. Although the bible record just a few of Moses’ sins during the journey we know that this particular anger led him to sin against God and caused him to be removed from his leadership position. You never know with God.

God who is sovereign cannot overlook the seriousness of certain sins. Whenever you are in a Leadership position and especially when leading unbelievers, those who are wavering, and babes in Christ you must be extremely careful because you are teaching others how to treat God by the way you treat Him. You must lead by example. If you are going to be a bad example, then you are not the person for the job of leading God’s people.

God’s judgment concerning man is always fair. He is just in all His judgment. Psalm 145:17. He desires reverence, period. And would never require anything of us that He had not empowered us to do. And from us that He has not given us the ability to do.

There is also a level of comfortability when you are in a relationship, that can cause you to cross the line. Some speculate that could have been Moses’ problem. We must remember we are not on equal par with God. He is our Creator. He is Sovereign we are not. He has no beginning and no ending we have a beginning and we will die. Our bodies are mortal He is immortal. We must never forget those facts.

There is much to learn from the life and end of Moses. One of them is that we can be easily replaced. If we don’t know how to reverence God, we need to find out how. Or our replacement could be that person next to us, or even someone we are mentoring. It’s as easy as that.
I’m just saying