Your Sins Could Affect Others

The bible has provided some vital information that people …for the most part…is unaware of. And that is our sins could affect those around us. What we do affects not only us, but also our household, and even those who would come into your home. Even our communities will at times suffer for the sin that one person would commit. Let’s look at two examples in Joshua 7, Numbers 16

THE SIN OF ACHAN Joshua 7:10-11
Israel had just lost a battle. 36 men had died and the rest of the men were running away from their enemies. Joshua was crying out to the Lord seeking answers. The Lord said to Joshua “The nation Israel have become doomed to destruction. I will not be with Israel anymore unless the accursed things that they have brought into the camp was destroyed from among them. Achan from the tribe of Judah had sinned. In judging this man his family and his possessions were also condemned to be destroyed by fire. This was the only way for Israel to begin to prosper again, conquering territories, and winning battles against their enemies when they go to war.

In Joshua 7:24-25 Achan, his children, his possessions, even his animals, and the accused items he had brought into the camp were destroyed by fire. After they were stoned to death everything was burned in order for Israel to be free from the curse that was brought into the camp.

Broke Gods Covenant. Exodus 19:8, 24:7
Stole. Exodus 20:15,17
Took accursed items even after being warned. Joshua 6:18-19
Robbed God of treasures promised to Him. Joshua 6:19

Here is another example in Numbers 16, where entire families were destroyed because of the sin of a person in each household. These Levites men; Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and a number of other men had rebelled against Moses the leader, and Aaron the high priest. In Numbers 16:20-21 The Lord told Moses and Aaron to separate themselves from the congregation. And to the congregation in Numbers 16:23-24 Depart from the guilty men’s homes. In Numbers 16:31-33, The ground split apart under them and swallowed their household; that included their entire family, and all their possession before closing up again. They perished from among the assembly, together with 250 other rebellious men who were offering incense supposedly to the Lord. Numbers 16:23-24

The next day the congregation ganged up against Moses and Aaron Numbers 16:41-42. Get away from among the congregation the Lord told Moses and Aaron Numbers 16:44-45. That day 14,700 of the people died from a plague before Moses was able to quickly atoned for the rest of the congregation.

The sin of these people was a rebellion against the Lord since He was the one who had established the Leadership position of Moses and his brother Aaron
Most of us are unaware that our actions could have such serious consequences for those around us. We must become more aware by these bible examples of how actions and consequences work. Our sin could affect our children, those in our homes, those in our community, anyone who is a part of our lives for that matter.

We need to stop living as if no one else matters. In these 2 examples, we have seen the deadly consequence of sin and how it affects others. God took the time to recorded these examples for our benefit. What we do with them is up to us.
I’m just saying!…