Jesus’ Teachings Supersedes All. Hear Ye Him!

Most who defends Paul’s writing over Jesus’ miss the truth. And that is that Jesus and Paul are both working towards one common goal; their mission is the same, and language is one. That should make us realize there cannot be friction between their beliefs and teachings. Therefore, we should never endorse teachings that speak otherwise but reject those who are working at using Paul to cause a division in the Body of Christ. If not, then we are disobeying God’s command.

Paul’s teaching is necessary. Why? Because it is a part of the Bible that we use as our guide. It becomes a problem when Jesus’ words are rejected over Paul’s. Consider Matthew 17:15 God said: this is My Beloved Son, HEAR YE HIM. The principle of JESUS FIRST should become our guide. Whenever we are weighing the word and searching for the truth; we must always ask ourselves what did Jesus say, because no truth should have priority but His. Remember, He is trustworthy, speaks what He hears the Father speaks, has never lied, or misleads us, and He is without sin.

We may not always have immediate understanding, so whenever we get to a crossroad we should choose carefully, remembering that Paul’s teaching would never nullify the One who sent Him. So, we must refer to Matthew 17:15, follow its guide and allow the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth to show us how to connect the scriptures together in unity. One road will lead us away from the truth and each person is responsible for the one they choose. Who died for you, Jesus or Paul?
I’m Just Saying!