What God Has Joined Together

Jesus used one principle in Mat 19:4-6, Emphasis on V6 as He responded to a question about divorce. He said, In the beginning, God made them male and female. When a man joins his wife, they are no longer two but become one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together let not man separate. What He is saying is God is still the one who defines marriage not the world, (Gen 2:24).

The law for marriage is spiritual, universal, and cannot be overridden by the laws of the world, whose definition of marriage is unstable, changing based on economic, politics, culture, beliefs, and traditions. Once there is a joining of the flesh (male and female) through sexual intercourse God recognizes it as marriage. They have become one. Still, the culture of most of the world recognizes the ceremony and the exchanging of rings as a marriage, which is not a sin if the requirement of God is also kept.

I love the principle Jesus uses as He explains the dishonoring of Father and mother. He says the disregarding of the command of God and replacing it with customs makes the Word of God of no effect. The CJB says you nullify the Word of God. This principle is a spiritual one and must be used in every situation; put God first.

We are used to living according to the law of the Land for marriage, but are we also making the Word of God of no effect by honoring their law while ignoring God’s requirement? Honor the law of the land, but don’t leave the Word of God undone.

I’m Just Saying!!