Satan & Deception

Isn’t it amazing, whenever the veil from our eyes is removed, a suddenly takes place and God gives us a glimpse of His truth? Consider Revelation 20. I call it The LockDown of Deception & The Freedom of The Mind. In Verse 1-3 satan was captured, sealed, and thrown into the bottomless pit, and his influence taken away for a season. What was his demonic army doing during the 1000 years? Waiting, I guess.

What this teaches us is that deception is truly the gateway to demonic attacks, harassment, and torments. Without the deceiver, people’s minds would be safe, and the demonic Empire crippled; for a season that is, until satan is released, and many would again be under his influence.

We must stop accepting teachings that tell us the enemy has no power or influence; the evidence is in the condition of the world, and in Christ giving His disciples authority over the power of the enemy,(see Luke 10:19). Christ has overcome this world, but we who are saved, still live in this fallen world. And because satan is not yet shut up nor is he forbidden to use his deceptive power; he will continue to rule through deception until that time when scripture is fulfilled. Remember, even though we are saved and have a new spirit, our soul and flesh are still in the process of being transformed, by renewing our minds daily through God’s word Rom 12:2. After our minds are renewed, we must be vigilant, because the enemy will be subtle in his deception in order to cause us to sin against God. Scripture tells us after we submit under his influence and sin, he goes before God to accuse us.

After 1000 years of righteous living and holy teaching on the earth, we would imagine that satan could no longer have a place on the earth, and in the lives of the people. But because satan craft has been perfected by the many years of study and use, he has become an expert at deceiving. The army that would be under his influence in Revelation 20, is a clear and disappointing realization that even with time and truth there will be those who will refuse to allow God’s word to transform them. As many as the sand of the sea will choose evil rather than good V8 says. A very startling outcome, considering the earth would have been under a thousand years of righteous teaching and practice, with Christ Jesus as King.

We are told to watch Luke 21:36, forgive 2 Cor 2:10, Be alert and sober-minded 1 Peter 5:8, know the devices of the enemy 2 Cor 2:11, resist the devil James 4:7, put on our whole armor Eph 6:11-17, pray Eph 6:18, practice righteousness 1 John 3:7-9, love God and keep His command 1 John 5:2-4, be led by the Holy Spirit Gal 5:16, to married people; do not deprive each other except with consent for a time for the purpose of prayer and fasting 1 Cor 7:5, and much more.

Jesus armed the Believers with authority over the power of the enemy, and that is all the biblical evidence we need to remind us that the enemy still has the power to deceive. If Jesus says he has, then I believe.

I’m Just Saying!