God Shows No Partiality

I get so emotional at times, as I read certain scriptures that confirms the love and mercy of my God… verses that display his reaction to anyone who decides to turn their hearts to Him. God is never willing that any should perish, therefore, those who turn from their idols and call upon Him in times of trouble and enter into true worship, He then responds to with loving kindness (refer to Isaiah 19:18-25 with emphasis on V 25).
I love the Complete Jewish Bible wording of Acts 10:34 -35, It says, I now understand that God does not play favorites, but that whoever fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him, no matter what people he belongs to. The NKJV says, that God shows no partiality. In other words: God is no respecter of person, He does not exclude anyone because of their race, culture, position, social background or class.
The two examples below show how impartial God is when idol worshipers turn to Him and acknowledge Him as their God.
In Isaiah’s prophecy (see 19:1-18), The Lord’s hand will be against Egypt by way of a Civil War, (a war between citizens of the same country). It is during that time that, the Egyptians begin to acknowledge that their only hope is in the God that they rejected. Here they called on his name for help because of the level of oppression, and God would send them a savior and heal them. In that day, Verse 21 says, they will finally have an “I know God for myself!” experience. It says, the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day, and shall do sacrifice and oblation, and vow a vow unto the Lord, and perform it. The result of their change of heart is God blessing the Egyptians, saying Blessed is Egypt My people (see Isa 19:25).
In Isaiah 10:5-19, God’s hand will also be against Assyria, to destroy it for its cruelty and pride. He will also punish the arrogant king who boast in himself, (see V13). The Assyrians were people that God used to humble Judah through slavery, but they were overly cruel to the Jews, and unjust like the Egyptians were. The extreme cruelty was not Gods plan; Therefore, His wrath would be kindled against Assyria. Somewhere along the line, Assyria would begin to recognize that He is the true God, and the outcome would be a love for the Assyrian people. In Isaiah 19:24, God would bless Assyria saying, “Blessed be Assyria the work of My hands.”
Isaiah 56:6-8 tells us, anyone who joins themselves to the Lord He accepts. V8 says , The Lord God, who gathers the outcasts of Israel says, He will gather to Him others (Non-Israelite’s or Gentiles) besides those who are gathered to Him (the Israelite).
Reference verse
Isaiah 10:5-19, 19:1-18, 19:24-25, 56:6-8
Acts 10:35