Persistent Prayer Luke 18:1-8

In these verses, Jesus is not only impressing upon us to pray consistently but making a point that persistent prayer, praying without giving up works. V 2-8 tells of a persistent widow, who kept going before this unjust Judge for justice, and legal protection from her adversary. She kept going until he finally gave her the justice and protection she needed. He answered her not because he feared God, but because she had become a nag who irritated him, and that was his way of stopping her.
Jesus was encouraging us by teaching that persistent prayers yield results. The Father answers persistent prayers: those unanswered petitions that we go before Him day and night with. He hears them the first time as the unjust king did, and avenges His Elect although it may seem like He continues to put them off. Therefore, reject any teaching that says otherwise, become one of His Elect, and Pray until you get results. Remember, Jesus only says what He heard the Father says.
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