The 7 Seals of Gods wrath

My prayer is, that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you will know what the hope of His calling is, (and) what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints. Eph 1:18
Matthew 24 is one of my favorite chapter in the gospels. Jesus has told us in this chapter, what to look for so that we don’t get overwhelmed and fearful as the day of judgment draws closer. Our belief is, that The New Testament is the Old Testamentconcealed, and the Old Testament is the New Testament revealed. Well, so is the book of Matthew 24, to the book of Revelation 6; one conceals the beginning of God’s end-time wrath, while the other reveals it.
Matthew 24:1-7 & 9, and Revelation 6:1-17, describes in detail the first 6 seals of Gods wrath. We have not only been given a glimpse of the future as it unfolds but a confirmation. God is very intentional in what He does. He gives us commands, revelations of truth, and the outcome of what will happen so that we are fully equipped when we make choices because we know what to expect. Who then can say that our God; the Creator and great Judge, is unfair or unjust?
The beginning of sorrows Matthew 24
The first six seals are mentioned in Matthew 24:1-7,9. Jesus is teaching us how to recognize the season, by the unfolding of God’s wrath. Below is the list.

  1. Great deceptions by those claiming to be His. Mat 24:4-5
  2. Wars and rumors of wars.Mat 24:7
  3. Nation and kingdom rising against each other (great conflicts, and civil unrest). Mat 24:7
  4. Famines and pestilences. Mat 24:7
  5. Earthquake. Mat 24:7
  6. Persecution of Believers/saints. Mat 24:9

The 6 Seals. 1st set of God’s wrath. Revelation 6

  1. First seal. The Antichrist is let loose upon the world to conquer. Rev 6:1-2 (Great deception)
  2. Second seal. Peace is taken from the earth. Rev 6:3-4. (Wars begin)
  3. Third seal. Famine breaks out. Rev 6:5-6 (Resulting in high cost for food)
  4. Fourth seal. Death and hell were given power over a fourth of the earth. Rev 6:7-8. (War and famine led to death)
  5. Fifth seal. Souls were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. Rev 6:9-11 (Severe persecution of God’s people)
    • Quick note: Pay attention to truth; – The saints are on the earth during God’s first wrath. Jesus told us to look up when these things begin to happen because our redemption draws near. (Luke 21:28). If the saints are there during that time, then God’s Holy Spirit is with them: He never leaves, nor forsakes the saints.
  6. A great earthquake along with other celestial disturbances. Rev 6:12-17

As you study, consider using as your guide,

  1. John 16:13, Be led by the Spirit of truth.
  2. 2 Tim 2:15, Rightly divide the truth.
  3. Acts 17:11, Examine the scriptures yourself.