Where Life Is, Hope Abound

Our hearts must reflect what is in the heart of God. As we imitate Him, through us the world would come to know Him as the Only True God. It was that way from the beginning, until sin. But now there is hope, through salvation and His Holy Spirit living in us, that we begin again to become a reflection of God our Father.

The level of rejection and disobedience God experiences on a daily, are too numerous for our natural mind to comprehend. Yet it is still His will that none perishes, but that all find salvation in Christ Jesus His Son. It is also His will that the Saved/Believers through compassion, take the message of hope, and present it to those who are unsaved. (See 1 Peter 3:15. & Isaiah 50:4)

I long to see the unbelievers having a personal encounter with God, so much that they begin to pursue Him passionately, not because I or any other person forces them, but because they genuinely long to know Him. That is still His heart’s desire

When we accepted Jesus as Lord, we were promising to turn from our old ways and back to Him. For that change to take place, we would first need to understand what is acceptable, and it will not be our old sinful practices or the ways of the world. I am much more aware, that those of us who already know the Lord, must evaluate ourselves regularly, because we trust the Holy Spirit living in us, is helping us to become more like Christ, and we must recognize those changes in us when they take place. It is God who has already determined and established what righteousness looks like. Those who are citizens of His Kingdom, must from the heart, obey, submit, and practice that system of belief or behavior, that governs His Kingdom in heaven if we are to please Him. Remember, we teach others not only by our word but also by our lifestyle.

Most important, is God’s will for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, and that is, to save the sick and the lost. That includes the devil worshippers, the same-sex community, the thief, liar, adulterers, fornicators, atheist, murderers, deceivers, God rejectors, prideful and hardhearted ones, false prophet and pastors, modifiers of His word, and teachers of false doctrine. etc. You get the point. It is not our assignment to try to determine who deserves to be saved because of their level or type of sin. They all need what God is offering, and that is, the free gift of salvation.

We must allow the Holy Spirit of God, to lead us to those He has destined for us to influence with our message of hope. It is our responsibility, to seek out those who are lost and present them with a reason to hope in Christ Jesus. Remember, we must always be prepared to give an answer, to everyone who asks us to give the reason for the hope that we have, and may the Lord God give us the tongue of the learned, that we may speak a word in season to anyone that is weary.
Please join me in this quest to spread the message of hope.