You Are Not Under The Law, But Under Grace.

Romans 6:14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the Law, but under grace.

Whenever someone says that we are not under the Law, all they are saying is that we did not have the natural ability to resist sin, which is the breaking of God’s commands, whether in the heart or committing the act, because we were slaves, powerless under the control/influence of the enemy, and rewarded under his kingdom.

But here is a beautiful thing. When they speak about being under grace, they mean that we now have a new master, the Sovereign God. And a new natural ability that we did not have in the old life; the power to walk away from the temptation to sin.

Under grace, God used Christ Jesus to rescue us, by paying a price for us to gain our freedom from satan and his kingdom, so that we could be justified (found not guilty) before Him because of our (Christ) righteous state. He cleaned us up, put His Law and His Holy Spirit in us, giving us all the power that we would need to resist sin and keep His commands. This is not an exhaustive list about grace.

Since our flesh is still in its old state, sin would try to work through that area. We must remember that we are no longer powerless. Under this new life (grace) we have the power to resist, walk away, say no, as a testimony that God’s commands are no longer burdensome to us.

During this pandemic, the number of positive cases keeps rising because of testing. But we cannot blame the testing since all it does is expose the sickness that is already there. It is the same with sin and the Law. The law is not the issue, all it does is it exposes the sin that is already there.

What Grace does in giving us the ability/power to keep God’s Law, is that it produces a different report. So, instead of the old picture with God’s people at odds with His Law, a new one with God’s Law and His people in perfect alignment/harmony.