Reverencing God Even When We Are Angry

Every time I read Exodus 32:19 that says, “And as soon as he approached the camp and he saw the calf and the dancing, Moses’ anger burned; and he threw the tablets from his hands and smashed them at the foot of the mountain.”

After all this time, Moses’ actions still give me the chills. The same words keep popping up in my thoughts, Disrespect, and lack of reverence. I believe Moses’ anger was in the right place, but his action wasn’t.

What Moses held in His hands was Holy writings made by God Himself, and the smashing of it was a clear indication that Moses never stopped once to consider His actions before He did it. I have learned a long time ago, that my passion for the Lord could cause me to sin, that is if I let it. Therefore, I must continue to restrain myself lest I respond in a harsh way because someone is not as passionate for the Lord as I think they should be. And besides, that is not my assignment, but the work of God’s Holy Spirit.

We all have unsurrendered areas that we allow our soul to control. Somehow, it seems like even those of us who are in intimacy with the Lord still struggle with reverencing Him; our fear is not absolute. Moses was angered by what the Israelites did, and he should. But how hard was it for Moses to put the holy writings down, in order to deal with the issue at hand.

Our reverence for God must never fall short when we are highly annoyed or angered because it will never be justified. In fact, it is credited best when it is the hardest to do. God knew Moses’s heart, and because he acted out of love God extended mercy and grace towards Moses so that he could continue in his purpose. 

Our God was longsuffering, patient, merciful, and gracious then, and still is today. He will never change.

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