The Law Was Necessary For Our Righteousness.

As we know, under Grace there is a search to discover the truth concerning the Laws God gave to Moses, whether we are to keep them or not. These two doctrines are causing great division among the Church body. So each of us must search for THE TRUTH by rightly dividing the Word, while allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in our search, keeping in mind that truth can only be one.

I have a different issue today. I can’t help but notice the intense disgust in the tone of those who wrote articles, and preached or taught messages suggesting, “We are no longer to follow the Law.” Their attitude indicates contempt (the feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn), and shows how much they despise the Law. Isn’t that something?! Why are we not afraid to speak about God’s Word in a disrespectful way?

Just for a moment, stop and think on these two truths.

  1. It is by the Law that Jesus obtained His righteousness.
  2. It is by the Law that anyone can obtain their eternal safety through Jesus. That means when we think about our righteousness the Law must always come to mind.

How is it possible to hate something, that was used to introduce the Grace that we enjoy today? We are Children of God because Jesus needed those Laws for His righteousness; It is by them that He lived. (See Lev 18:5). Even if we believe we no longer need to follow them, they should be respected because of what they represent. And because they are God’s word, they will continue to be Holy and perfect.

Here is another truth. As long as there is seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night. As long as this earth remains, and people need righteousness through Christ Jesus. Even when we are in our eternal bliss with the Father in our midst, these two truths shall never cease to be.

The Laws are perfect even if man despised them because they are from a perfect God.

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