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We are a firm believer that the Word of God is true in all its content, and that faith which pleases God comes only through His word. Our goal is to research those questions you send in and prayerfully provide answers based on our source, His Word. Our vision is to help others gain an understanding of God’s love, and promises, by having information available 24 hours a day. We hope that many will come to know The Sovereign God and accept His free gift of salvation, which comes by faith, and only through His Son Jesus Christ. has been responsible for providing outstanding truth about the word of God through our online bible study. The emphasis of our website is to present the word of God in a simple format, so that those who are new to the things of God, can have a better understanding of how God operates in their lives. The word of God has answers, and solution, to any questions and situations you may have. Please let us know what your questions and concerns are, we will be happy to help answer those questions for you. If you are not familiar with our website, and this is your first time with us, we would love to hear how your life has been changed because of God’s mercy and grace. By sending your story to us, you are giving us permission to use it in this website. We will not use actual names to protect your privacy.